About Us

ZOBE is a luxury clothing and lifestyle brand that represents the freedom and adventure experienced when cruising on a powerboat. The ability to zip across the bay with the wind in your face and the beautiful white water creating a magnificent wake behind you, to us is the definition of living. The name ZOBE was inspired by our two incredible granddaughters, Zoe and Phoebe. Their free-spirited energy and charisma is the same feeling we experience when we are on the water. Power boating brings together family and friends and takes us away from the day-to-day grind. We believe in working hard [and playing harder], living simply, and constantly moving forward.

When you see and wear our products we want you to feel the same adventurous, powerful, free spirit that you do when the wind is in your face and you are chasing the horizon. It is all about the simple life when nothing matters except you and the water. When you have the power to make a wave in the ocean and there is no other direction that matters except moving forward. Cut loose and enjoy. You work hard, you deserve it.